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Agencies are Looking for Influencers to Join, Apply & Work with Top Influencer Agencies. Through Partnerships with Leading Job Boards, We Have Over 8 Million Job Postings Influencer Marketing Agency | Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Miami, Los Angeles Inspire Millions With Nano Influencers Our team does the heavy lifting of managing your Influencer campaigns, so that you can seamlessly scale your marketing campaigns A nano influencer agency. We are iMPfluencers: a nano influencer agency based in Leeds with a nationwide reach. We use the unique power of nano influencers to create authentic, trusted content for brands. Low cost, high engagement, no celebs. Nano's are the fastest growing force in the influencer marketplace where genuine content matters most

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We have the largest community of nano and micro influencers. in Belgium, with 3.000+ content creators having between. 500 and 80.000 followers on their social media. . Our influencers are active on. all the main platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snap, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.. Nano-Influencer - Social Media User mit 1.000 - 10.000 Followern, die in kleinen Nischen unterwegs sind. Sie sind Meinungsführer im klassischen Sinne mit begrenzter Reichweite, jedoch hoher Autorität. Micro-Influencer - Social Media User mit 10.000 - 100.000 Followern, die einen gefestigten Status in einer breiteren Followerschaft haben. Meist sind sie Experten bei einem bestimmten Thema und besitzen in diesem Autorität und Vertrauen bei ihren Followern. Indem sie auf Kommentare.

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Nano Influencer: Deswegen solltest du mit kleineren Social Media Accounts zusammenarbeiten . Dass kleinere und nischigere Acc ounts ihre Zielgruppe besser erreichen, ist längst kein Geheimnis mehr. Isabelle Mayer, Gründerin der Influencer-Marketing-Agentur Fab4Media und Social-Media-Expertin, fasste dies im The Digital Bash Podcast treffend zusammen Micro & Nano Influencer Marketing Agency In Lagos. Get in Touch +2347033125600 info@influensah.com Lagos, Nigeria SEND A MESSAGE Channels We Cover. Instagram Twitter TikTok YouTube Facebook Whatsapp Popular Niches Beauty Technology Food/Drinks. The nano influencer could be more important to brands that want more people to have a real connection with their brand as opposed to more people knowing about it. A nano influencer would also be more important to a local business in a particular area. Aalishaan Khan Mahboob is a fitness micro influencer. Micro Influencers micro 1000 to 10,00

Performance Marketing Agentur. Unser Blog. Influencer-Arten: Von Nano zu Mega. Influencer-Arten: Von Nano zu Mega . Skip to content. Social Media . Simone Riecke - 9. August 2018 . In unserem letzten Artikel Neue Wege zur Zielgruppe: Influencer Kommunikation haben wir gezeigt, was wir unter dem Begriff Influencer verstehen. Diesmal beleuchten wir die verschiedenen Influencer. Eine momentan sehr beliebte Influencer-Kategorie sind die sogenannten Nano-Influencer. Bei Nano-Influencern handelt es sich um Meinungsmacher in den sozialen Medien, die sich durch eine sehr kleine Anhängerschaft von gerade mal 1.000 bis 10.000 Followern auszeichnen

Nano-influencers — are Instagram users, TikTok users, YouTuber, Twitch users or any other social platform who have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers. Their accounts give a very real account of life as if they were almost your friend or in many cases are your friends. Nano-influencers have strong connections with their audience Was sind Nano-Influencer? Nano-Influencer sind Social Media Nutzer mit 1.000 - 10.000 Followern, sie bespielen meist schmalbandige Themen. Mega-Influencer sehen wir täglich auf Plakatwänden, in der Zeitung und beim Zippen auf YouTube oder im TV. VIPs aller Couleur stehen für Produkte und Marken. Ihre Follower sind Legion, zumeist in siebenstelliger Menge. Nano-Influencer bringen Disruption in unser schönes Weltbild. Ihre Follower zählen nicht einmal 10.000 Fans und dennoch können sie.

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Nano-Influencer Definition A nano-influencer is defined as an Instagram influencer with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Nano-influencers' audiences are small, niche, and highly engaged. Nano-influencers have the smallest following of all tiers of influencers (with tiers defined based on the total number of Instagram followers) Nano-influencers are content creators and everyday people who have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers and sometimes advertise products on social media. They tend to be a trusted voice with highly engaged followers, which is why brands like working with them. Who Are Nano-Influencers — and Why Do Marketers Love Them 3,045 Followers, 806 Following, 644 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Nano-Influencer Marketing (@peersway As an expert nano influencer agency, we find influencers with the most targeted and engaged audiences and have them work together to achieve higher ROI than they would on their own. Micro Influencer Campaigns. When it comes to micro influencers, raw numbers can be deceiving. Their follower count may be small but you can rest assured that their engagement rates are as good or better than more. The rise of micro, nano & regional influencers. 0. 0. Follow. Facebook. Twitter. Linkedin. Sign up to get regular updates from Agency Reporter You can unsubscribe at any time SIGN UP. I would like to receive newsletter & occasional promotional emailers from Agency Reporter Home; News. Goafest 2019; Brands ; Public Relations; News; Interviews; Editor's Take; Guest Articles; Campaigns; Case.

Nano-Influencer - kleine Zielgruppe, große Wirkung Anfangs wurden sogenannte Influencer belächelt: Menschen, oftmals wie du und ich, die es in den sozialen Medien auf ihrem Spezialgebiet zu Respekt, Anerkennung oder zumindest Popularität gebracht haben Alexis Baker is a beauty influencer who has been featured on New York Times for her curated content on Instagram as a nano influencer. After several posts praising products like Suave Professionals Rose Oil Infusion shampoo, Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation and concealer, and Loco Coffee, she was scouted by an influencer marketing agency and got the opportunity to work with well-known. Influencer marketing (IM) latest statistics provided in the report of HypeAuditor says that 85.4% of all influencers registered on Instagram are nano- and micro-influencers with the audience between 1k and 20k people. It means that brands have a wide selection of accounts to choose from, but do they have a clear idea of how micro-influencers differ from nano ones? They do have much in common.

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  1. July 11, 2018 in Peersway Nano-Influencer Marketing Say hello to our new logo! We are excited to announce that Peersway is rebranding as a part of the growth process the company is going through. You will see the new look anywhere we are out in public, like our website, Facebook, and Instagram
  2. Peersway Nano-Influencer Marketing, Toronto, Ontario. 756 likes. We are the North America's largest Nano Influencer Marketing company. At Peersway, you always pay a fixed price per influencer. So,..
  3. Nano Influencer sind daher in der Regel stark auf ein Thema fokussiert und bekommen in Bezug darauf eine große Kompetenz oder Erfahrung zugeschrieben. Sie bedienen Nischenthemen, für die sich die Follower wirklich interessieren und über die sie sich austauschen möchten. Dadurch kommt es zu einem hohen Engagement. Das wird auch dadurch gestützt, dass die Wahrscheinlichkeit, eine Antwort.
  4. Nano-influencers are an amazing alternative to micro-influencers as they have in-person relationships with the majority of their community The days when only big dogs like Calvin Klein and Glossier could afford influencer marketing are far behind us

Use Instagram influencers & celebrities to gain thousands of real followers. Call now. Gain real followers, increase engagement and boost credibility with influencer marketing Nano-influencer marketing agency. For years we have been working with many different brands that boost their products to the right target group via our SAAS platforms. With BrandAmbassador we use this knowledge to create a win-win situation for brands and for (nano) influencers. BrandAmbassador is unique in helping brands, while letting the influencers benefit from it. The profile of an. An Award Winning Student Nano-Influencer Agency 10,000 + Influencers ready to SHOUT about your brand! Get in touch targeted demographics Mor Nano-influencers also might not be a great fit for brands with strict photo standards or highly curated aesthetics. HOW: Every brand works with nano-influencers a little bit differently, but the fundamental steps are the same. Recruit — If you work with an agency (like us!), they may already have a network of regional and national nano. When the aim is to increase subscriptions, leads, and conversions among a certain niche of the audience, you should opt for a Micro influencer. Nano influencers are suitable for local businesses and brands whose marketing budget is low. However, these businesses want to increase conversations about their products or brand

Nano Influencers are the everyday folk that make a difference to the lives of those around them. They are every day folk that do extraordinary things. They create real connections within their own circles and when they talk about brands it's from a place of trust. Their families and friends believe them. Yes, their reach is smaller than other influencers and if we were to get 50 nano. You can use influencer marketing agencies to find the right nano-influencers for your brand. The agency will help you identify your goals and assess your needs, and then use that information to find great nano-influencers for your brand. They will then work with the influencers to help maximize your return on investment

With a degree in Corporate Communications and Sociology, Almost 8 years of PR agency experience, and a Postgraduate degree in Strategic Brand Communications, I struggled to monetise my skills. The year forced me to look at other ways that I can make money as a nano-influencer. Nano -Influencer. But what is a nano influencer? There are different types of influencers on social media, a nano. Since nano-influencers constitute the biggest percentage of social marketing specialists, you can find many examples of successful advertising campaigns with their participation. 1. Dove. This company is well-known all over the world, but it decided to attract nano-influencers when it launched a new product called Exfoliating Body Polish. It managed to increase awareness about a new product giving it to influencers. Those ones who liked it should have added a link to the product to the bio.

Join the largest community of nano influencers and partner with hundreds of brands across North America The Nano-Influencer Framework™ Introducing a NEW Done-For-You Monthly Service that eComm Brands Are Secretly Using to Generate Traffic, Increase Their Rankings, and Grow Grassroot Sales by Harnessing the Persuasive Power of Nano-Influencers Get Started Powerful and Prolific Social ProofSocial proof is one of the most powerful and persuasive factors influencing the products and service Nano-influencers are generally defined as having between 1,000-10,000 followers on social media, especially Instagram—not to be confused with micro-influencers, who generally have between 10,000- 50,000 followers

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  1. Nano Influencer. Nano Influencer*innen verfügen über eine begrenzte Reichweite, weisen aber häufig ein hohes Engagement innerhalb ihrer Community auf und eignen sich besonders, um Nischen- oder Special-Interest-Themen zu platzieren. Sie werden häufig gering oder über Produkte entlohnt und sind mit einer Fangemeinde zu vergleichen
  2. With quality content, tight-knit communities and engaged audiences, brands should look towards Nano influencers when it comes to their next marketing campaigns. They provide a better level of engagement, they are more likely to produce quality content and deliver it quickly and efficiently, and they cost less
  3. Unless the business already has a loyal following that creates UGC, nano-influencers can generate this content and also trigger a snowball effect by promoting brand-specific hashtags or organizing..
  4. Jin is a European agency with offices in Paris, London, and Hamburg. They describe themselves as a Digital PR and Influence agency.They offer services in inbound marketing, reputation management, influencer marketing and providing insights
  5. Introducing the nano-influencer. While everyone is scrambling to adjust their strategies from macro-influencers to micro-influencers, generally defined as someone with between 10,000 and 100,000.
  6. Nano influencers have strong engagement among a small number of followers. These influencers have less than 10,000 followers. Often serving niche audiences, Nano influencers achieve high engagement rates. Their relationship with audience members is profound and meaningful. When they work. If your product/service caters to niche audiences, Nano influencers are great to have on your team. Not.
  7. Nano-influencers are defined as having an audience base between 1,000 and 5,000 followers. This smaller community allows nano-influencers to make a more meaningful impact in key markets such as fashion, food, or lifestyle while yielding significantly higher engagement rates than your standard verified influencers. According to a Digiday survey, nano-influencers can engage up to 8% of the.

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This is a highly niche subcategory of social media influencers who typically have between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Nanoinfluencers are often regarded as a more authentic alternative to major influencer accounts since they often start out like I did-as personal accounts focused on a genuine passion. Passion and a deep understanding of my. Vorteile der Nano-Influencer: Hohe Glaubwürdigkeit; Sehr definierte Zielgruppe; Viel Interaktion mit Followern; Geringere Kosten; Der große Vorteil beim Influencer Marketing ist es, dass das Produkt mit der richtigen Influencer-Auswahl an genau die gewünschte Zielgruppe gebracht werden kann. Nano-Influencer intensivieren diesen Vorteil nochmals deutlich. Ein einfaches Zahlenbeispiel Our team of Nano influencers focuses on delivering a deeper connection with the targeted audiences and hence create better engagement. DYT's micro-influencers generate about 87% higher engagement as compared to traditional influencers with millions of followers. Remember, as the number of followers increases the percentage of participation reduces automatically What is Nano-Influencer Marketing? Nano-Influencer Marketing is the process of promoting your brand through social media influencers with 1000 to 10,000 followers. These are generally influencers who are on the growing stage of their social media career are work on a particular niche or category. Now, nano-influencers are not your traditional highly popular faces in the industry. They are people with a limited number of followers but generally receive high engagement rates due to. Unlike all the other Instagram influencer marketing platforms that charge expensive usage fees, with Ainfluencer you can create Ads, discover influencers, invite, and collaborate.. all 100% free to use with no hidden fees. Scale your Efforts with Micro and Nano Influencers

Und oft ist es auch genau das, denn die Nano-Influencer kennen oft einen Großteil ihres Netzwerks. Auch Agenturen im Bereich Influencer-Marketing haben den Wert dieser Nano- oder Micro-Influencer längst erkannt und bieten entsprechende Leistungen an. Und sie werben noch mit einem weiteren Vorteil: geringere Kosten. Bei der amerikanischen Agentur Obviously heißt es zum Beispiel: Finally. The nano-influencer has less than 10,000 followers on Instagram. His community has often been built around his loved ones and then extended to followers with the same interest. He communicates spontaneously, without necessarily touching up his photos, and shows himself as he is.. The authenticity and sincerity of his speech are as many assets to succeed in capturing and retaining an audience Nano Influencers - Think Small With Influencer Marketing. Over the last few months, our team at Talkwalker has extensively researched what's happening in influencer marketing across the world, with input from over 800 communication and PR specialists. This all culminated in our Global State of Influencer Marketing Report 2019 The Nano-Influencer Framework - The patent-pending nano influencer marketing service is a powerful done-for-you social media promotion system that harnesses the persuasive power of up-and-coming influencers creating real relationships, real influence, and real results

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Influencer Marketing Agentur für den Onlinehandel. Als Unternehmer der in der EU agiert sind Sie überzeugt von Ihren Produkten und wollen diese bei einflussreichen, bekannten Internetstars platzieren und das Image Ihrer Brand auf ein neues Level bringen? Wir helfen Ihnen dabei, die zu Ihnen passenden, authentischen Influencer für Ihre Brand zu gewinnen. Unsere Influenzer Marketing Agentur. Each influencer nano, micro, macro and mega influencers are responsible to bring awareness for brands and push their sales. Word of mouth marketing comes from trust and the content created by the influencer. Investing in influencer marketing always converts leads to sale. Therefore, it's worth investing. How to plan budget for influencer marketing? It's important to set your objective that you.

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  1. Find Influencers. With Unbox Social's Influencer Marketing Platform, you can find influencers that perfectly match your campaign brief. Our Influencer database lets every brand and influencer marketing agency choose from nano influencers, micro influencers, celebrities or within categories like beauty bloggers, fitness, fashion and lifestyle influencers
  2. IMA is the leading agency in digital influencer marketing. We develop and execute influencer marketing campaigns for brands worldwide. Join our influencer network today
  3. Focus on a specific niche and a very uniform and engaged audience and generally regarded as an industry expert or topic specialist. They tend to have stronger relationships than a typical influencer. NANO Nano-influencers allow for hyper-targeted, loyal and engaged audience segments. Typically produce great quality and cost effective content
  4. g, mobile apps, entertainment, manga, comics and high-tech
  5. Macro-influencers are able to create a buzz and thereby increase traffic to a website. Lots of them have become real brands, like EnjoyPhoenix or Norman Thavaud. Their popularity on social networks has enabled them to develop a business, making them sought-after for marketing projects with prestigious brands
  6. Definition + Meaning | Influencer Agency. Influencer marketing means that one or more people are deployed to influence the behavior of a target group. Well-known influencers usually have many followers on social media, and in particular on the app Instagram. By posting specific content that is align with your content strategy they can.

Mit NANO hat die Schweizerin eine Agentur gegründet, in der sie ihre Leidenschaft für digitales Marketing und Social Media vereint. Ihre Kunden profitieren von ihrem Expertenwissen sowie ihrer exzellenten Vernetzung in der Influencer-Branche. Vor der Gründung ihrer eigenen Agentur war Alana Co-Founder und Mitglied der Geschäftsführung von AYM Media. Auch dort arbeitete sie mit etablierten und aufstrebenden Influencern zusammen und entwickelte für ihre Kunden erfolgreich Marketing- und. Nano-influencers are defined as having an audience base between 1,000 and 5,000 followers. This smaller community allows nano-influencers to make a more meaningful impact in key markets such as fashion, food, or lifestyle while yielding significantly higher engagement rates than your standard verified influencers. According to a Digiday survey, nano-influencers can engage up to 8% of the audience, which is double compared to influencers with up to 10,000 followers who engage about 4% of.

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The size is what matters? Not necessarily. We'll show you how you can also reach your target group with nano influencers via social media. Who at Influence Marketing thinks has great at first Social media Accounts with a high Range before your eyes. It can be very rewarding for marketing to also work with smaller [ Working with 1000 nano-influencers can have a combined audience of 1,000,000, roughly equal to the amount of audience reached by working with a macro-influencer while costing much less. Overall. HDY Agency predicted that 2019 will be the year of nano-influencers. Power Digital Marketing labelled them as The Next Big Thing. According to tubefilter, huge brands, namely Coca Cola, Heineken. MicroYelp is a Directory for Micro and Nano Influencers. It is a Self Service Platform where Micro Influencers and Brands connect. Discover amazing new Bloggers and awesome new Content. Website. FAQ; Important Notice; List of Micro Influencers; Support. Password Retrieval; Email: microyelp123@gmail.co 8 brands already using the power of nano-influencers. W hen it comes to nano-influencers (those with fewer than 1,000 followers), many people believe their use is relegated to the world of small start-ups without big advertising budgets. In reality, some of the world's largest brands have already begun to harness the power of the nano-influencer community

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Nano-Influencer haben zwischen 1.000 und maximal 10.000 Follower. Bei Nano Influencern stehen persönliche Faktoren im Vordergrund. Authenzität, Vertauen und Nähe sind die entscheidenden Beweggründe. Die Engagement Rates von Influencern mit 1.000 bis 10.000 Followern liegen bis zu 5 mal höher über den Followerstars Influencer Intelligence. Described as a 'social media user with between 1,000 and 5,000 followers', nano influencers are the newest inductees to hit the influencer marketing arena. This survey-led report from Influencer Intelligence explores this new tier of talent in more depth, seeking to understand why nano influencers are quickly becoming the. In the autumn of 2020, a well known multinational cereal Brand launched its new cereal range: dry fruit granola and cocoa & hazel granola. In order to raise awareness and educate about these new products, the agency recruited 2,500 nano influencers who were able to try 2 packs and share 33 mini-size samples during 21 days. Their mission: generate online buzz through UGC and product trial among their communities Als Spezialisten für Nano- und Micro-Influencer Marketing bieten wir ausschließlich Barter-Deals an. Denn: 80% der Influencer mit 5-10k Followern und 63% der Influencer mit 10-50k Followern werden meißt ausschließlich mit Gratisprodukten (bzw. Dienstleistungen) vergütet. Im Gegensatz hierzu werden 67% der Influencer zwischen 50-100k Abonnenten und 84% derjenigen mit mehr als 100k Followern zusätzlich bezahlt (Quelle: Hivency Studie)

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Who Are Nano-Influencers? Nano-influencers have the guy/girl next door vibe. You can think of them as regular people with a small, loyal following. They are typical social media users with the ability to engage their network better. Nano-influencers have a following of between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. They are not necessarily looking. Intro Fuel is an influencer marketing agency in Canada that does things differently. The first step in all our campaigns is simple: A story. Marketing is about storytelling, not showing off trendy outfits on social media using popular people. With the increasing strictness from governing boards, the scrutiny marketers are getting, and privacy crackdowns, we understand that advertising needs to work to earn the consumer's permission to advertise more. A relationship needs to be built before. influencer campaign management. Using our extensive network of influencers - from well-known celebrities to expert nano-influencers - we create the right strategy for your brand, and connect you with Thailand's best influencers and KOLs. First, we identify the best performing influencers who match your exact requirements, then we execute and manage.

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Spoiler alert: There's nothing really new about nano-influencers—except for the fact that we now have a name for them. Nano-influencers are, quite simply, everyday digital citizens. What is new is that brands are realizing there is power in those smaller voices, especially when it comes to telling authentic stories about your product, service or experience The Influence Agency is by far one of the best agencies I've worked with in Toronto. They provide so much value to each and every one of their clients, and I've had the pleasure of working with them on many different campaigns. Not only are they professional, but very personable. They are a delight to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone interested in growing their brand or. Now some say nano-influencers, or social media users with as few as 1,000 followers, offer an even greater PR and marketing opportunity. Research by Socialpubli.com, an influencer marketing platform, revels that micro-influencers deliver seven times more engagement on Instagram than influencers with more followers. But its research shows that nano-influencers, which it defines as those with 1,000 to 10,000 followers, have even higher engagement rates. Most nanos have full-time day jobs.

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Even a recent report from a reputed influencer marketing agency has highlighted the issue of how more or less influential people have been for the past some years. In this context, to help you better design your impact on marketing campaigns, we have recently revealed ways for you to choose your influencer better. If at present, many people suggest betting on nano-influencers or if you bet on. The agency gathered data from more than 3,000 of its campaigns and ran surveys with agencies, brands and influencers in the market. Here are a few key findings. Nano influencers lead the way. Nano influencers (1k-5k followers) make up the majority of influencers at 43%, followed by micro influencers (5k-15k followers) at 30%. This indicates that the industry is growing and more creators are. Als Nano Influencer werden Personen bezeichnet, die auf Social Media mit 500 bis 5.000 Followern zwar eine recht kleine Community besitzen, aber in einer bestimmten Nische Meinungsführer mit hoher Autorität sind. Sie pflegen in der Regel eine enge Beziehung zu ihrer Community. Ihre Beiträge zeichnen sich durch ein hohes Maß an Authentizität aus. Außerdem wichtig für euch: Durch ihre geringe Reichweite haben sie sehr niedrige Gagen, bzw. arbeiten größtenteils sogar auf Produktbasis

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In this article, we will talk about using nano influencers and how we can know why small businesses must use them. 4 Kinds of Influencers . Although influencers look the same from their posts, they are divided into several types of influencers. They are: Mega influencer . Mega influencers are those who have millions of followers. A great. Selecting the right influencers on any social media platform is hard. Influencers on Tiktok create short form video content, which makes their content style an important factor to consider. Of course, you should always consider your target audience. This is a principle that's true across any influencer marketing campaign. So, you should take into consideration the following: Audience alignment, Engagement rate, Location, Other social media profile Nano Influencers; Influencer Strategies; Services; Contact Us; Home Services. OUR SERVICES. We Offer The Following Services. Influencer Consultations. Get Insights, Strategies, Recommendations, Campaign Audits for your Influencer Marketing Campaigns, bring us in from the onset and your brand campaign would stand out. Influencer Agency. We help bridge the brands and influencers by representing. Nano-influencers are usually focused on a particular subject area that has a personal interest for them. As such, although their audience is much smaller than a celebrity influencer, they tend to. Bibi hin, Micro-Influencer XY her: Wer könnte ein besserer Markenbotschafter sein als der eigene zufriedene Kunde? Ein Plädoyer für Nano-Influencer

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Wann Micro-Influencer die bessere Wahl sind und warum weniger Reichweite manchmal mehr ist. Erhalten Sie wertvolle Tipps rund um das Thema Micro-Influencer, wie Sie den richtigen finden und erfolgreich ansprechen und eine lange, zufriedene Zusammenarbeit gewährleisten Described as a 'social media user with between 1,000 and 5,000 followers', nano influencers are the newest inductees to hit the influencer marketing arena. This survey-led report will explore why nano influencers are quickly becoming the most popular segment for brand collaborations and what this means for the future of influencer marketing RDB is a global purpose-driven creative agency with a focus on brands, impact, content and people. With us, brands who do good, do better. We provide extensive full service expertise in branding, strategy, social media, design & growth, perfectly tailored to the needs of our clients and their targeted audiences Als Social Media Agentur haben wir auch den perfekten Social Media Berater für Sie und Ihre neue Werbe-Kampagne oder Influencer Marketing. One Agency. One Solution Nano influencers share a common and specific interest with their followers unlike the macro-influencers and mega influencers. Also, nano influencers appeal to have a certain sub-category for a specific segment and therefore, they ensure a higher Rate of Engagement. Why Should Brands Consider Nano-Influencers? Now brands are now looking for Nano influencers for a number of reasons and one of.

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