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Alternatively, pool your Sweatcoins together to get your family $1000! ABOUT OFFER $1,000 Paypal Cash to Spend on anything of your choice! Redemption process Cash Value: $1,000 And, once in awhile a PayPal or Amazon Gift Card becomes available as an offer. However, these offers sell out fast. If you want to make money in Sweatcoin, save your coins. There are massive offer releases very often. As I write this there is a $1000 / £1000 PayPal gift card on the marketplace for 20,000 coins. Earning this many coins is not difficult if you buy coins from other players Sweatcoin Paypal Cash: How To Transfer Sweatcoin Into Dollars Using PayPal (2020)What type of videos do you want to see next? LIKE SHARE..

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What Is Sweatcoin? Sweatcoin is a mobile app that tracks your daily outdoor movements which record in the form of cash. You earn about 1 SWC (1 Sweatcoin) per 1,000 steps you make. Currently, their offer marketplace has dozens of offers that are constantly changing. These offers range from online memberships, gift cards, food gifts, electronics, clothing, app downloads, music downloads, and more! And, once in awhile a PayPal or Amazon Gift Card becomes available as an offer It also explained that $1,000 cash can be sent via TransferWise. Being able to transfer via TransferWise means that you can send it to many major banks across the world. Sweatcoin pointed out that the offer won't be available in Romania, Bulgaria, and Slovakia. Can TransferWise directly send funds into PayPal? We now know that there is a way to convert your Sweatcoins into cash and transfer via TransferWise. Then, can TransferWise support PayPal transfer How much is 1,000 SweatCoin worth? Each SweatCoin may not worth that much currently, as it's not even listed on the CoinMarketCap yet, but when you divide $1,000 by 20,000 SWCs, this will give you about $0.05 each - and that is the worth currently. How many steps is 20,000 SweatCoins Du kannst deine Sweatcoins auf dem Sweatcoin Marktplatz in der App einlösen. Dort sind ab und zu auch PayPal und Amazon Aktionen zu finden. Es war z.B. schon mal eine Aktion für eine 1.000 Dollar PayPal Gutscheinkarte im Marktplatz verfügbar, welche für 20.000 Sweatcoins eingelöst werden konnte. Also ca 860 Euro, was einen Umrechnungskurs von ca. 4 Cent pro Sweatcoin ausmacht. Schau also einfach täglich rein About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

OFFICIAL $1000 PayPal pool (20K Sweatcoin) Close. 20. Posted by. Sweaty Grandmaster. 2 years ago. Moderator of r/sweatcoin Archived. OFFICIAL $1000 PayPal pool (20K Sweatcoin) Buy in is minimum 1K sweatcoin. Ideally in 2K intervals. Trying to keep this clean. So far we have. Me: either 2 or 4K coins. (whatever is needed) LW: 2K Jimit: 5L AA: 2K (pending 150 coins) Total so far: 13K Need: 7K. This wikiHow will show you how to redeem your Sweatcoin balance to a PayPal gift card. If you have Sweatcoin, you'll need a high balance to be able to use PayPal, but if you refer at least 100 people, you can turn that into a $100 PayPal gift card. Currently, there is no way to link your SweatCoins to your PayPal account. Steps Download Article. 1. Open Sweatcoin. This app icon looks like a.

Right now they're offering a curved 55″ Samsung 4K TV, a $1,000 Delta Airways gift card, a 75″ 4K Smart TV, and $1,000 PayPal cash, all for 20,000 Sweatcoins. Now, going off the math from above, 20,000 SWC = ~21,060,000 steps For every 1,000 steps you take, you will earn 1 sweatcoin, minus a 5% commission. So, in total, every 1,000 steps will equal 0.95 sweatcoins. As a quick note, basic members who start out can only earn 5 Sweatcoins, whereas members who upgrade to a Shaker account can earn up to 10 Sweatcoins a day

At the moment it is not possible to cash ou t Sweatcoins via Paypal or bank transfer. The long-term vision is to make Sweatcoin a fully fledged currency, that'll be listed on exchanges. But don't wait for this, please spend your Sweatcoins in the marketplace with our brand partners. Paypal and Amazon vouchers are featured regularly, especially if you are inviting loads of friends! Please note. So kann man Sweatcoin zu PayPal transferieren. Falls ihr bereits einige Sweatcoin angesammelt habt und diese nun umtauschen wollt, sind derzeit die PayPal-Gutscheine eure beste Option, die auf dem. How much can you make off Sweatcoin? You can redeem your coins or sell your coins to other members in exchange for PayPal cash. The value of a single Sweatcoin depends on the amount members are willing to pay. The exchange rate usually ranges from..

To learn how to cash out Sweatcoin, when you reach the threshold you can navigate to redeem your rewards. You then purchase the PayPal offer with your Sweatcoins and they will email a code your email address. Afterwards, you must provide your valid PayPal account and the code to the specified email address to get sent $1,000. Sweatcoin Vs. Dav As of September 2020, there is a $1000 cash prize under Marathon offers that requires 20,000 coins. Sometimes, you can also find PayPal gift cards. If you would like to redeem for the cash prize, earning 20,000 coins will take more than a year given that Sweatcoin doesn't approve every step you take Because the prices vary so greatly while spending this currency, we'll take the cash equivalent of value from the $1,000 in PayPal credit you can get from Sweatcoin. When you receive money from PayPal, there is a transaction fee. For most, it will be about 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction It'll take 20,000 Sweatcoins to be able to cash out for a $1,000 bank transfer, but if you can get your friends to sign up and transfer their points to you (or you to them!) so you're all working towards the goal together, this is possible, if a little slow Basically, though, you earn 1 sweatcoin for every 1000 steps. What I like most about this app is that it doesn't matter whether you walk or run, your steps still count. Additionally, there are vendors who accept sweatcoins as a payment mode

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Sweatcoin doesn't officially pay you in the sense of giving you money, PayPal, or currency for your steps. It pays you indirectly by giving you free 'credits' to spend on a multitude of offers in the marketplace. These credits are called Sweatcoins. What!? You don't get paid money? One of the common misconceptions is that Sweatcoin is directly correlated to how many US Dollars or. Marathon offers include things like TVs, $1000 cash, Go Pros etc. As of late 2020 it looks like marathon offers are being phased out. Bucket List. Bucket list offers are similarly to Marathon offers as they're long term and high value, but these include experiences, such as a trip to Disney. Sweatcoin auctions Sweatcoin Auctions. Sweatcoin Auctions are a new feature that seem to gradually. So Sweatcoin offers rewards that require a combination of sweat coins and friend invites. These are more realistic to achieve than trying to cash out 20,000 sweat coins. When you join, you're given a unique referral link so you can invite your friends and family to sign up as well. The easiest one is to invite 6 friends, earn 30 sweat coins, and get $6 cash to Paypal. That's simple enough.

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It was founded in 2015 by digital entrepreneurs Anton Derlyatka, Egor Khmelev, and Oleg Fomenko.Sweatcoin app headquarters is in London, UK. How does sweatcoin app work? In this sweat coin, all your walk steps are converted in sweat coins. And sweatcoins are then you can cash out in dollars. Here 1000 steps is equal to 0.95 sweatcoins. The app. If you need cash in your PayPal account, feel free to sell us your Sweat Coin. Working out is not fun for most, but when you have installed the Sweatcoin app things may be different for you! Recent studies shows that Sweatcoin is leaving other popular apps behind and is rising to the top in the App store. Why? It's an app that will give you.

Sweatcoin reserves marathon offers for high SWC earners to redeem such as $1,000 in PayPal cash or a brand new iPhone XS. You might even be able to find deals on travel or other experiences. These offers are typically limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis In some cases, you can grab Sweatcoin rewards like iPhone XS, $1000 in cash paid via Sweatcoin paypal and $1000 holiday voucher. All that sounds too good to be true how do you collect so many sweatcoins all by yourself? Well, the good news is, Sweatcoins allows you to transfer between accounts. That means, you can invite friends and family to combine efforts, add sweatcoins and earn the. If you earn one coin for every 1,000 steps, each Sweatcoin is worth about $.05 USD. Unfortunately, Sweatcoins can currently only be converted to cash if you claim the top prize. In exchange for 20,000 Sweatcoins, you will receive $1,000 via PayPal or even a new iPhone. Due to earning limitations, it would take years to accrue enough Sweatcoins to redeem these rewards. Even with maximum earning. So, everyone sends me SweatCoin until we hit enough SweatCoin! The 1000 USD will be equally distributed by each SweatCoin! So, say Johnny donates..

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Rewards at Sweatcoin Hacks Virtual rewards of Sweatcoins are been offered by the Sweatcoin Hack. Using these rewards, one can but stuffs at the app store. And there is a chance to convert your Sweatcoins to real cash at Paypal. To gain these rewards, the user must walk outdoor. And for every 1000 steps outdoor he gains $0.95 approx as a virtual. According to the Sweatcoin website, 1,000 outdoor steps = 0.95 sweatcoins (there is a 5% fee on all credits you earn, hence the 0.95 value). Alright, how much is a Sweatcoin worth? Well, for a modest 20,000 Sweatcoins, you can redeem $1,000 of PayPal money. So, that's roughly 21,000,000 steps in order to make that 20,000 Sweatcoins. Sweatcoin does cap how many coins you can earn to 20. You can cash out your Sweatcoins for a variety of items, including PayPal, Amazon cards, sunglasses, food boxes, subscriptions, and shoes. Sweatcoin is essentially an alternative currency, derived from mining. You earn coins through physical exercise and activities. Sweatcoin is similar to Bitcoin. To earn Bitcoin, miners must solve complicated equations. With Sweatcoin, the steps you take in.

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  1. imum payout. That may take a few days. You can learn more about how the app works in our Ibotta review. Related reading: 20 smart ways to save money.
  2. For instance, if you earn 20,000 sweatcoins, you could trade it in with a 55-inch television, an iPhone XS or $1000 PayPal or Amazon credit. This is the ultimate way to turn your coins into money. How to Maximize Your Sweatcoin Earning Potential Walk a lo
  3. Interestingly, you can even try to score some PayPal cash by inviting people to the app! Right now, you can get $20 if you invite 20 people, for example. Check back every so often because the rewards here rotate frequently, so you might see new stuff added each day, week, or month. Sweatcoin Review: Is Sweatcoin Legit or a Scam
  4. You do not earn real cash in the Sweatcoin app for your steps, you earn Sweatcoins. However there is the option to exchange your Sweatcoins for cash. At the time of writing this Sweatcoin review, there is the option to exchange 20,000 Sweatcoins for $1,000 cash. Of course, it's going to take a lot of steps to reach 20,000 Sweatcoins (remember, you earn 0.95 SWC per 1000 steps) and you will.

Want $1,000 in cash from PayPal? It'll cost you 20,000 Sweatcoin. A $50 Nike gift card costs 3,650 Sweatcoin. What activities can Sweatcoin track? For now, Sweatcoin tracks only your steps. If you. $1,000 in cash paid via PayPal; $1,000 holiday voucher; Samsung TV; Just to name a few! If you try to get these offers just by walking, it will take you several years to save up for them. You need to be smart about it! Sweatcoin lets you transfer money between accounts. If you invite friends and combine your effort, you can add up your.

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Between December 2017 To January 2018, the set value could be deemed as £1000 or $1000 for 20,000 coins. Conclusion: In this article we have covered almost all the information related to sweatcoin to usd . but most of the time the actually conversion rate of sweatcoins to dollar may change as we know that it is a digital currency Sweatcoin is an app that allows you to earn cryptocurrency ('sweatcoins') by walking or running. Earning around 1 Sweatcoin per 1,000 steps, you can then redeem your coins for cash, gift cards, and other goods - particularly from brands in the health and wellness niche. Read the full unbiased Sweatcoin review below

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Get Free PayPal Money Fast and Easy. Before you earn any money and rewards, you would need to create a free and easy PayPal account. Do it here.. By the way, between the three online sites below like Survey Junkie, Survey Club, and Swagbucks, I don't think of a reason you couldn't make money instantly out of them.. Literally, those three alone cover all angles for you to make money Since the app allows you to send SWC, you could send your sweatcoins to reach the $1000 cash out even faster. Further, there is even a quicker way to cash out your sweatcoins and turn it into money. Though it requires some extra effort, you can earn good money by becoming a Sweatcoin influencer. Sweatcoin Influencer. When a regular user of the Sweatcoin app refers to 30 people, they. They also pay you 5 sweatcoin for every friend you refer to the app. Starting with the free base plan, you can earn up to 5 sweatcoin per day and 150 sweatcoin a month. To earn sweatcoin faster, you can upgrade your membership. A Shaker plan allows you to earn up to 10 sweatcoin per day and costs 4.75 sweatcoin per month. Power walkers can also. It's minimal risk, you have to bet $5 on yourself weekly in order to stand a chance at winning a cash prize pool that's worth around $1000. 12.Step Younger. Step Younger or Step Young+ is one of the apps that pay you to walk and more. It works like sweatcoin and is a pedometer app that tracks step counts Apparently, this was the case when Sweatcoin first debuted. In the good old days, they were literally paying you to walk. Alas, those days are over, probably because they lost too much money this way. You can no longer redeem your Sweatcoins for cash/Paypal Cash. Now you can only get Paypal cash by getting your friends to sign up through your.

1,000 outdoor steps = 0.95 Sweatcoins. We charge a small 5% commission per Sweatcoin created. This is so we can keep our lights on, and continue to provide Sweatcoin for free. Currently, Sweatcoin can only convert outdoor steps because GPS is one of the inputs. This means that your indoor steps (including gym, treadmill, etc.) will not count. Sweatcoin is an exercise app that tracks your steps and pays you in 'Sweatcoins'- a type of quasi-cryptocurrency - each time you walk 1,000 steps. Unfortunately, you can't actually cash out Sweatcoins to your bank or PayPal account. Instead, Sweatcoins can be used to buy goods, services and experiences from partnering companies via an in-app marketplace

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  1. Jun 12, 2020 - Sweatcoin rewards people for walking and is good for two types of people: could get you $1,000 in PayPal cash or a brand new iPhone XS. 9. Sweatcoin Review 2019: Crypto Rewards for Walking | The
  2. Every 1,000 steps generates 0.95 Sweatcoins and these can be used to purchase products on the in-app marketplace (prices range from five to 20,000 Sweatcoins). A set of wireless headphone from Earin cost 6,999 Sweatcoins; a trek through the Borneo jungle costs 15,000 Sweatcoins; and an iPhone 8 costs 20,000 Sweatcoins (the same as US$1,000 in Paypal cash)
  3. e Bitcoin, your daily activity is what generates Sweatcoins. 1,000 outdoor steps is worth 0.95 SWC, and your coins can be exchanged for a variety of prizes and rewards
  4. g is fast and simple; Surveys from major brands; Learn More.
  5. Hmmm? To earn sweatcoins you must do work (a term in physics) so the correct question might be how many calories in a sweatcoin. The notion that you might burn calories and get paid for it is not antithetical, if you think about it. If you went to..

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Earn Cash Online Make Money Online Paypal Gift Card Way To Make Money How To Make Gift Card Generator Money Tips Money Hacks 100 Free More information More like thi $1,000 cash paid gadgets; Up-to $4,000+ paid holiday voucher etc. Trying to get these kinds of offers will take you months (if not years) to save up some SweatCoins for them. Though everything depends on how smart you are to get those coins as fast as possible, by purchasing friends your friends that have earn enough of those coins in their wallets. Since SweatCoin app let you transfer the. Sweatcoin is a fitness app that tracks your steps and exercise then pays in rewards. While there is no direct way to cash out you coins on Sweatcoin, you can cash out using rewards. However, the rewards that give you real money via PayPal or Amazon are rare

- 1000 € als Paypal Cash für 20.000 Sweatcoins. Einblenden Spoiler: Werbung. Die App ist seitdem ich sie nutze werbefrei. Technik. Die App gibt es meines Wissen nach seit Augsust 2018. Alleine die Androidversion hat über 10 Millionen Downloads. Ich schalte sie an wenn ich raus gehe und zu Hause wieder aus. Natürlich kann sie auch durchgehend an sein. persönliches Fazit. Einblenden. As was explained in the earlier sections of my review I explained that you will earn .95 SweatCoin for every 1,000 steps that you take outside. I've mentioned that you can redeem the points for rewards that are mostly fitness related items but the rewards will also include gift cards . You will have to save up your SweatCoins to get those higher-cost rewards. The items in the rewards. You might find a voucher for an Amazon credit or a PayPal credit. With so many partners, Sweatcoin can offer you hundreds of Daily Offers so you can use your Sweatcoins. Marathon Offers. Sweatcoin's Marathon Offers are more difficult to earn; they're also much more lucrative. For instance, you might find a Marathon Offer for $1,000 in cash $1,000 cash for 20,000 Sweatcoin. £1,000 Thomas Cook Holidays voucher for 20,000 Sweatcoin; Conclusion. Sweatcoin is a digital currency that has achieved sustainable physical activity behavior change using a viable business model that continuously rewards its users for being active. For every outdoor step you take, Sweatcoin pays you Every 1000 steps will earn you 1 Sweatcoin. You can redeem your coins or sell your coins to other members in exchange for PayPal cash. The value of a single Sweatcoin depends on the amount members are willing to pay. The exchange rate usually ranges from $0.05 to $0.10 per Sweatcoin, but you may receive higher offers depending on supply and demand. Membership Levels. The Sweatcoin platform has.

Sweatcoin is an app that will give you points for exercising outside. Once you download the app onto any iOS device they will begin tracking and verifying your outdoor steps using GPS. Then your steps are converted into sweatcoins. Their goal is to get people out of the homes to enjoy the outdoors and they are sponsors will to pay you for it. With sweatcoins you can purchase items such as yoga. - $1,000 cash for 20,000 Sweatcoin - £1,000 Thomas Cook Holidays voucher for 20,000 Sweatcoin. Some users argue that with the caps in place it would take years to earn an iPhone or a Curved. Es gibt fast täglich neue Angebote, dies reicht von 5€ auf dein N26 Konto bis hin zu 1000€ PayPal oder einem neuem iPhone. Zugegeben, für die letzten zwei Beispiele muss man ziemlich viel laufen. 20,000 Sweatcoins sind grob 1000€, dies. Here's how to Sell your Sweatoins for PayPal - Sweatcoin Gui

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Sweatcoin has achieved sustainable physical activity behaviour change using a viable business model that can continuously reward its users for being active. Future public health organisations may benefit from establishing partnerships with the commercial sector to deliver sustainable incentive-driven programmes. read more +20 % Activity increase. What can I buy with my sweatcoins? Buy offers. What can I buy with SweatCoin? Once you have enough SweatCoin to shop, you're able to go to the SweatCoin marketplace in the app and see what you can buy. As on writing this review, some options include LUNA accessories, an iPhone XS and $1,000 in cash. Do you want $1,000 in cash from Paypal? It'll cost your 20,000 SweatCoin. A Ember Wave. Sweatcoin is a free smartphone app that converts your outdoor-steps into 'sweatcoins' using a two-part, step-verification algorithm:. Part One: The Sweatcoin App counts your steps using your phones built in pedometer. Part Two: To ensure you're not sitting on the couch shaking your phone to earn free money, the app collates your step-count with your geolocation to verify that you are. Sweatcoin és una aplicació gratuïta que converteix el recompte de passos en monedes virtuals.Està desenvolupada per la companyia SweatCo LTD, una empresa fundada per Oleg Fomenko, Anton Derlyatka, Danil Perushev i Egor Khmelev l'any 2014. L'aplicació permet als usuaris comptabilitzar els seus passos diàriament, i com a recompensa per cada passa comptabilitzada ofereix tokens de monedes. Sweatcoin also offers people to become Sweatcoin Influencer. As soon as you refer 30 people to Sweatcoin, you will become Influencer. The advantage of being an influencer is you will earn $2 for referring 1 people on average. The threshold is $100 which means once you refer 50 people, you can transfer the money to your PayPal Account

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To learn how to cash out sweatcoin when you reach the threshold you can navigate to redeem your rewards. There are massive offer releases very often. As i write this there is a 1000 1000 paypal gift card on the marketplace for 20 000 coins. Sweatcoin doesn t have the ability to payout via paypal or bank transfer yet. Sweatcoin is considering adding a cash option at some point but it s not. It pays you in coins that you can redeem for prizes like Paypal cash, electronics, healthy meal deliveries, and other items! How It Works. After signing up, Sweatcoin tracks every step you take. The algorithm translates your steps into sweatcoins. Points Per Step. 1,000 steps equals 1 sweatcoin. Prizes. $6 Paypal Cash: 6 invites & 20 sweatcoins; $20 Paypal Cash: 20 invites & 100 sweatcoins. I see your view Dave but sweatcoin has more then enough revenue to keep that £1000 cash prize. Now unless they're getting 100+ users a week redeeming this £1000 prize Then I could understand. But I highly doubt there are that many people As our club grew in size we began to sell and buy Sweatcoin with Paypal. We also introduced our Sweatcoin Value tool to give an estimated value in USD, Please browse the site for details on how to make the maximum, the levels within the app, details on the influencer program and details on the current value of sweatcoin updated weekly. We also.

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1000$ = 20,000 Sweatcoin 1 Sweatcoin = 1,000 steps (I get 1k step only in 30mins) Sweatcoin offers redemptions for Paypal, which is basically cash. They currently have 2 redemptions available. For 3,500 Sweatcoins you can redeem the $50 Paypal The currency can eventually be exchanged for rewards or cash. The gift card options are limited, but you can get paid $1,000 via PayPal for 20,000 Sweatcoins. Although it could take at least 18 months to reach that goal, $1,000 is a prize worth walking for. You should note that you can only redeem this $1,000 one time

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  1. It's true that you are able to earn money that is real from Sweatcoin but exactly how does Sweatcoin work need being revealed. Sweat coin counts the steps of yours and also adds cash corresponding to it. The app says: On completing every thousand steps, one Sweatcoin is earned by you. On 20000 Sweatcoin you make 1000 dollars
  2. Since Pact (an app that paid you cash for being health) shut down, I've been testing out new apps to replace it.So far Sweatcoin is one of my favorite apps for earning for being healthy. How it works is you install the app and it runs in the background counting your steps. You must have your phone on you while walking and it just counts away every step
  3. I've been using this app now for a just over a week it rewards you with sweatcoin for walking outdoors. 1000 steps become 0.95 sweat coins. You can convert 5000 steps a day for free
  4. When you take 1,000 outdoor steps, SweatCoin will reward you with 0.95 SweatCoins. These SweatCoins are similar to crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, and you can use them to redeem rewards within the app. You can also send them to friends if you want. The rewards on SweatCoin change daily so I suggest you save your SweatCoins until you see something you really like. Sign up for SweatCoin for.

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Sweatcoin Airdrop - Claim free SWC tokens with Airdropalert.com We work together with ICO's to get you the best and TOP rated crypto airdrops An app created by Sweatco. that rewards you with digital currency for steps taken. 1000 steps becomes one Sweatcoin, however you get 0.95 sweatcoin per 1000 steps, as Sweatco takes 5% commission. This commission goes to the treasury which is where you get sweatcoin from if you refer people. Many people on instagram and snapchat gave sweatcoin a bad rep by claiming to earn 1000's of dollars. Earn £1000 paypal credit for walking! SweatCoin. spidersprog (55) in #sweatcoin • 3 years ago (edited) If you haven't heard already SweatCoin have an app that rewards you in digital currency SweatCoin for verified outdoor steps (it verifies on a combination of pedometer and GPS data).

How Much Can You Earn With The Sweatcoin App? A Review3 Easy To Follow Passive Income Ideas - Anyone Can Do!Qmee Hack: Discover How to Earn $20/day PerformingFree Money: 40+ Legit Ways To Get It | How To FIREcomo ganar dinero con BETSIM ( 200 dolares PayPal

Apr 27, 2020 - Do you want to know how to cash out on Sweatcoin? Here is all of the information you need to earn and then transfer Sweatcoin to PayPal Feb 23, 2020 - https://sweatco.in/i/brandon813998 Check out this free app It pays to walk!. See more ideas about app, earn easy money, workout apps Sweatcoin runs in the background and registers how many outdoor steps you take (indoor steps don't count most of the time). For every 1,000 steps you take you'll earn .95 sweatcoins. What the heck is a sweatcoin and how much is it worth? Well one of the big prizes currently available is $1,000 in cash. You need 20,000 sweatcoins to earn. In addition to PayPal cash as a payment option, you can also get direct deposit, wire transfers, echecks, and more, so there are plenty of ways to get paid if you ever change your mind about PayPal. This service does cost $19.99 to upload unlimited music (that's how DistroKid gets paid) but it's a small price to pay to receive all of your royalties without any fees getting cut No cash trades for now. One question a lot of new users ask about Sweatcoin is whether you can trade the currency for cash or PayPal credit — like you can with Bitcoin. At the moment, this.

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